Underground / Tunnel Works

Excavation drift is a horizontal development opening methodology, which the size, shape and direction depend on the use of the drift/tunnel. We use drill and blast style to make the work efficient, effective, and budget friendly.

  • Rockbloting
  • Split Set/Friction Bolting
  • Thread Bar Bolting
  • Cable Bolting
  • Hollow Bar
  • Expansion Shell
  • Steel Arc
  • Steel Sets

Shotcrete is the generic name for cement, sand and aggregate concretes which are applied pneumatically and compacted dynamically under high velocity.

In very poor-quality loose rock masses, where adhesion of the shotcrete to the rock surface is poor, the mesh provides a significant amount of reinforcement, even without shotcrete.

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Post Injection
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Ground Consolidation for advance drift excavation.
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Cavity Filing
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Water Stopping

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